Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Secret of Phoon by: Corinne Foster

Publication Date
November 2013

Stalked by wolves and facing certain death, Avira knows she can't outrun them.  Her only chance of survival is by summoning the Phoon, along-secret and deadly supernatural force.

And it would have remained a secret, had the pride of her protégé Shastia not been dented by the king of the Varg, leading her to exaggerate her own powers, boasting that she could summon this deadly force. This sets in train a race between the Varg and their arch-rivals the Trillon, who both send raiding parties to chase her back to Domina, each craving the power of the Phoon to ensure victory over the other.

But bigger than this threat is the one that comes from within Avira's own community of outcast girls. When will she recognize that challenge and can she withstand it?

My thoughts: 
The author has made some tough woman that is for sure. Reading this makes me realize more and more how much of a woman's world is actually happening. Myself living with 4 other females see how much we can accomplish. I loved the skills and other things that the woman and girls of her story manage. 
You wind in the magical world of the Unloved, which sounds sad in itself. The woman here are unloved or unwanted, but they work hard and protect the Phoon, which in turn protects them. It seems like a secret society kind of thing. But one of the unloved and unwanted falls in love and the endangers everything. But really who can blame the girl, love is love.

My rating:
4 stars

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