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I No Longer Accept Books for Review: Check belong for the Reasons. 

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Reasons for not accepting reviews:

First, let me take a moment to thanks those whose entrusted me to give them the honest review that I have. And know that I did it, willingly and to the best of my ability.

Second, I have found through time and effort that it became a chore to read and that has never been the point to my reading and reviewing books. It should be because I wanted to and generally loved do so. But over the course of two years I have found it increasing awful to just sit and read. Which makes cry. 

Third, This one is not that fault or anyone. But I can not read on Kindle or my laptop, so all the electronic books I have received have been painful for me to read. It hurts my head and eyes to sit and stare at the computer or Kindle screen and have found myself not reading at all instead of trying. And although I did post that I would not accept Electronic books I have found that 99% of the books I received were in that format and it made the choice to stop request that much easier. 

Fourth, I want to go back to when reading was fun and spontaneous and to do that I have to read for me and not for others. I will still post reviews, but on my time and in truth, which is what authors should want. 

I hope that my fans and authors can understand the increasing unhappiness I found myself in and will honor my wishes for no more request. And know that there will be some great reviews to come....why? Because I LOVE READING!!!!!

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