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Lullaby by:Amanda Hocking

Publication Date: 
April 2013

What if you could have beauty, magical power and immortality—but they came at a terrible price?
Gemma Fisher has fallen under an ancient curse—and inherited all the strange new powers that came along with it.  Now she’s more beautiful and powerful than ever, but she’s also plagued by unspeakable hungers…and she’s not sure how much longer she can resist.  A danger to everyone she loves, she has no choice but to leave her old life behind and enter a strange new world filled with breathtaking beauty…and dark secrets.
Harper won’t give up on finding her sister Gemma, vowing to bring her home no matter what the cost.  The search draws her closer to too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good Daniel, and tests her fiercely-guarded independence like never before.  She’s always been the strong one who everyone else depends on…can she let herself depend on Daniel?
As Gemma and Harper plunge deeper into a magical world they barely understand, it becomes painfully clear that Gemma’s old life may be lost forever…unless her friends can save her.

My thoughts:
Harper, Gemma's sister, doesn't still for long in this one. Her sister is M.I.A. and she doesn't want her in danger. So she gets going and tries to find her. It takes a village of course. 
Daniel finds a news clipping that helps and Alex is on the net. So between the books in the library, internet and newspaper they figure out that the girls are Sirens, which are mermaids. Together with Alex and Daniel, Gemma sets off to find her sister and bring her home. 
Meanwhile Gemma is facing a crisis of her own! Her hair is falling out, she has nightmare, night and day sweats and desires for Sawyer that are out of this world. But she love Alex and that is what is keeping her sane. Until she runs out for a bit, where she discovers a man....what she does to him is gross. And I'm not the only one freaking out! She freaks out and comes home covered in blood.
After everything Gemma thinks she is safe from the Surens, but boy was she wrong!
My rating:
 5 stars
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