Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dreams at Dusk by: Scott Roloff

Publication Date: 
October 2013

Jake Nelson, a successful lawyer with a beautiful wife, had the perfect life–until he defended a young Hispanic boy accused of splaying his brother open with a kitchen knife. After the trial, Jake’s world unravels. Are these twists of fate merely random circumstances, or events carefully stitched together, and if so, by whom–and why?

A legal thriller that propels you to an ending that you’ll never forget!

My thoughts:
I have to say it was hard to read this. I wasn't sure whose story I should be more invested in the lawyer, Jake or the police detective, Marie.
It tells us of Jake work and his coworker having many woman to be with. It also talks about Jake's wife having an affair with Kyle, that said coworker. Jake starts acting out of turn and is trying to get his coworker into trouble in order to bring about revenge for what has happened with his wife. In truth I think this guy needs help. Really he is spiraling out of control. I would want revenge but I think there are better way to go about it. 
I hope the author has future success but I would suggest not trying to hard with your words. It felt like there was a Thesaurus nearby. Sometimes it OK to repeat words instead if finding different terms. 

My rating: 
2 stars

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