Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tex, The Witch Boy by: Stuart R. West

Publication Date: 
January 2013

Being in high school sucks. Just ask Richard “Tex” McKenna, a Kansas sophomore. Dealing with bullying, burgeoning love,  the loss of parents, and dodge ball is bad enough. To top it off, he's just found out he's a witch!  Oh, and fellow students are being murdered.  The suspicious eyes of local law enforcement are looking right at Tex and his loyal group of friends.  And so is the killer. Will Tex's new-found skills prove helpful? Or cause even more problems?

My thoughts: 
I have to say I never thought of a witch as a boy. I always assumed they are warlocks or wizards, but this ia a new take on things and quite enjoyable. This poor fella has to deal with not only the death of his mother but also bullies. And let's face it bullies are relentless especially in the darkest hour. 
Although their is darkness in this book ,it also has some witty moments of candor and more. I think that Tex and his friends have been dealt an ugly hand. I had trouble figuring out who did it? I thought it was someone totally different then it was, which was a great puzzle to figure out. 
Well written with today's humor! 

My rating:
4 stars

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