Thursday, December 26, 2013

When Adam Lacroft Met Death by: Carlos Paolini

Publication Date: 
September 2013

"I'm what awaits at the end," she added in a deep voice, mocking a story-teller, "the one thing no man can avoid." She giggled at my unchanging look of incomprehension. "I'm Death, silly."
After being caught in a car accident, Adam Lacroft meets Death (a gorgeous brunette in her twenties and something of a flirt). Eve, as she tells him to call her, explains that she feels bad about Adam's pointless death and, out of some weird sense of pity and fancy, offers him a deal to win his life back.She gives him three days to find the man that killed him and kindly return him the favor. Adam fills his best friend Erica (a gorgeous redhead. Adam is just surrounded by hot chicks) in on the whole thing and they both start the hunt. But as Adam and Erica find out more and more about their target, they find less and less of Eve's version of the events and Adam starts to worry--less about if what he is going to do is right or wrong--and more about if Even will honor their contract and give him what she promised.

My thoughts: 
I never thought I would find myself laughing at death. Reading this story I laughed, cried and enjoyed myself! This is such a fresh take on things. A way to look death in the face and laugh. This poor boy is going through many things in life. Much like all of us he is getting older and dealing with life issues that are completely normal.
When Adam wakes up and finds himself "dead" and stuck with Eve, she gives him the opportunity to make a moral decision. What would you do? I love that, it puts such a spin on things. When Adam realizes he shouldn't trust her he has to find a way to save himself. 

My rating: 
5 stars

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