Sunday, December 8, 2013

Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite by: Lianne Simon

Publication Date: 

September 2012

From the heart of an intersex teen, one who must ultimately choose male or female--family or true love--comes the story of a deeply emotional and perilous journey home. This is a young adult novel unlike any other--an authentic portrayal of the issues faced by a child growing up with a sexually ambiguous body.

Jameson can be like other boys after minor surgery and a few years on testosterone Well, at least that's what his parents always say. But Jamie sees an elfin princess in the mirror, and male hormones would only ruin her pretty face. For him to become the man his parents expect, Jameson must leave behind the hopes and dreams of a little girl. But what is so wrong with Jamie's dreams that they can't be her life?

My thoughts: 
Reading this book was so difficult. Going through this poor souls trials and tribulations made your heart ache and break. I wanted to reach out an hug everyone affected by this condition. Due to intersex (hermaphrodite) people are bullied, outcast and unloved. I feel like this book would help those who act against them understand what they got through. 

Always struggling to please the family Jameson hides the girl within, the one he longs to be. An appendectomy requires him to have surgery at a teaching hospital, which outs his condition to a friend. But through this process he/she fights and frees the girl within. Her family doesn't approve and wants her to receive the helps they think she needs, but in truth coming into your own or figuring out what/who you wants to be is the revelation that this girl needs. 
He life is now her own and I think the courage she possesses, shows others how to live through this.

A very touching story.....

My rating:
5 stars

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