Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Endless by: Amanda Gray

Publication Date: 
October 2013

Jenny Kramer knows she isn't normal. After all, not everybody can see the past lives of people around them. When she befriends Ben Daulton, resident new boy, the pair stumble onto an old music box with instructions for "memorization" and discover they may have more in common than they thought—like a past life! Using the instructions in the music box, Ben and Jenny share a dream that transports them to Romanov Russia and leads them to believe they have been there together before. But Nikolai, the mysterious young man Jenny has been seeing in her dreams who has now appeared next door, was there, too. Jenny is forced to acknowledge that Nikolai has traveled through time and space to find her. Doing so means he has defied the laws of time, and the Order, an ominous organization tasked with keeping people in the correct time, is determined to send him back. While Ben, Jenny, and Nikolai race against the clock—and the Order—Jenny and Nikolai discover a link that joins them in life and beyond death.

My thoughts: 
This isn't necessarily just a time traveling novel, it is romantic. By touching the palms of other hands she see things that normal people can't this has made her a loner. This poor girl has no mother, but a very loving and caring father....there relationship is wonderful! Ben, comes across as a dick but is he really? These is a cliffhanger at the end that leaves me wanting more...much more! This story is quite fast paced that leaves you wishing the author had slowed it down a bit. And yet there are times that you are completely bored!

My rating: 
3 stars

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