Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Vampires' Reflection (Of Light and Darkness)by: Shayne Leighton

Publication Date:
 June 2013

 Months after their brutal victory over Aiden and his hierarchy of Wizards, Charlotte and Valek have returned from Prague to their home in the Bohemian Occult City. However, this time, they are joined by their new band of misfit, magical friends. In the light of day, all seems to be at peace now that the Regime has been toppled, and the coven of rogue monsters has finally found their freedom. But Charlotte soon discovers that much like her adopted Vampire family, she has developed a strange addiction of her own. Her new disease is destroying her from the inside out, and Valek finds himself at a loss as he defies all odds to save her life.

My thoughts: 
After reading the first book in the series I was glad to have received the second one as well! I wanted to know what was going to happening the lives of Charlotte and Valek! They deal with darker things then ever before and feelings that are hard to figure out. This book still has that old time setting but with a different spin on things then the new age vampires. No sparkling skin here! I know that being a fan of this book most readers would really enjoy the love story going on between the main characters, but I just don't like that thought of this man raising her as his daughter and then the feelings that come later. It's on the pervy side of things. But I understand that love has no limits and am happy that they have this strong bond.
Old characters are there as are new ones, that bring new havoc to the scene. I am quite intrigued by what is happening to Aiden. I think this character could go really far and would love to read more about him. I feel for him and everything that has happened to him. I am drawn to him! Really!!!! Hoping to read more soon!

My rating:
 4 stars

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