Friday, December 27, 2013

Ecliptic by: Sara Lunardi

Publication Date: 
October 2013

"Have you ever wondered what the signs of the zodiac really are, and why they have influence on all human beings?" Alex asked us out of the blue.
Was he kidding? What did this question have to do with our situation?

On the night of 13th June 2035, during an exceptional shower of shooting stars seen all over the world, mysterious signs representing zodiac constellations appear on the shoulders of Izie De Rossi and her twin brother Sam, two ordinary teenagers living in London.

From that night on, the lives of the twins will never be the same. A cruel countdown begins, leading them to fight for the survival of the entire human race alongside extraordinary creatures of the zodiac endowed with supernatural powers, the Guardians.

In the midst of all the dangers and sacrifices forced upon her by her mission, Izie meets the handsome and mysterious Riley. She feels immediately drawn to him in a shocking and overwhelming way... but things are not always as they seem.

My thoughts:
Zodiac signs and future based, this novel focuses on scfy/fantasy astrology, which makes this already something new and excited to read. 
These three friend develop powers on a special date. The book go back and forth between two points of view which t time can be's one of my pet peeves. But once you get past figuring out which point of view your in you find yourself enjoying this well written book. These people have to deal with their new powers and figure out how to control and use them. Not everyone is good, some are evil and you have to figure that out for yourself! 
All the characters from this book have been developed so well, it makes you want to jump inside this novel and be apart of the action. I can't wait to read more!

My rating: 
5 stars

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