Monday, December 9, 2013

The Fountain of the Earth by: H.L. LeRoy

Publication Date:
November 2013

    Terra Vonn is fighting to survive in a destroyed world, surrounded by unspeakable horror . . . and things are about to get much worse. After witnessing the vicious murder of her mother, Terra Vonn has a singular focus—exacting revenge on the killers. But before she can complete her plans, savagery intervenes and she is cast alone into a brutal post-apocalyptic world. As she trails the men south through a land filled with cannibalistic criminals, slave traders, and lunatics, the hunter becomes the hunted. Terra quickly learns that she is neither as tough nor as brave as she thinks she is. Worse, she may be the only one who stands between what little remains of civilization and destruction.

My thoughts: 
   First, this books jumps right into the story. It feels like there is no before thought, but I am grateful for once. I am usually all about the back story how did we get here sort of thing, but with this on it doesn't have that and I didn't miss it. 
   Second, this poor Terra has rough life, all the character do but considering it revolves around Terra I have to say it's bad. Losing everyone and everything you have is a hard way to go and then have to trudge on with the guilt, grief and regret pouring over you everyday, I would have probably fallen into a hole and covered myself with dirt. She is strong, stronger then she knows. She fights a battle that one would think is an ever losing battle, and wins over and over.
     The writer has created a strong story and an adventure that makes you want to be a fighter. A great story line and wonderful characters make this book one to grab.
    I think the ending surprised even me. And that is something that is hard to do. I hope to read more by Mr. LeRoy.

My rating: 
5 Stars

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