Saturday, December 28, 2013

New author page post!

Lauren Kate, has a masterpiece on her hands with the fallen series. Although I have not read all of them I a deeply in love with the relationships that have been built and rebuilt between the characters. And such strong and ever present characters they are!

Fallen Series: 

Fallen  2009
Torment  2010
Passion  2011
Rapture  2012

Novella: Fallen in Love #3.5,  2012

~This series brought my joy and sorrow. I loved every minute of it! 

Teardrop Trilogy: 

Teardrop  2013
Waterfall  2014

Novella: Last Day of Love  #0.5, 2013

~ I have yet to read this series. I have past it many times in the store and thought, if I had the extra cash! One day I will get to it.

Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove  2009
~Another one that I have yet to read. I did actually pick it up from the library once but had to much going on it actually get to it. I will try again.

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