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Death by: Jade Varden

Publication Date:
 June 2012

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I never wanted to get in this deep, but I did go looking for the truth before I was prepared to handle it. But how do you close the lid on Pandora's box? You can't unlearn something, or forget a dark secret once it's been revealed.

I have no choice but to do my part to bury the truth again -- this time, someplace no one will ever be able to find it. But that's the problem with lies. Once you start pulling threads, everything unravels.

No one is who they seem to be...not even me.

My thoughts:
I have to say when I was given this book I was really excited. Seeing as I have read all the others before I wanted so bad to know who murder Laurel. And now I know, the only problem with knowing is that it isn't going according to plan. The culprit should be in jail and seeing the face of death themselves. Instead someone innocent is in jail and I don't know if she'll ever get out or be happy. 

After all a girl whose whole life has been turned topsy turvy in such a short time deserves to be happy. And thinking that Sawyer is the perfect one is not the game plan anymore. I want River to be the one, I'm not sure if he will be but that is my hope!

The author has an amazing talent for drawing you in more and more. I want more!!!! I am happy to say that this has exceeded anything I ever imagined.

My rating: 
5 Stars

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