Monday, November 25, 2013

New author page post!

P.C. Cast, What a great author. Sadly not my favorite, but a favorite of my sister's. Her House of Night Series has sparked an evolution around the world. Making her and her daughter a household name and an inspiration for authors everywhere. She is a blogger:

Kristin, Cast daughter, actually made headlines herself. She models their clothing and other articles for their store and has recently made it known that she is working on her won stand alone novel.

  1. Marked 2007                                7. Burned 2010
  2. Betrayed 2007                              8. Awakened 2011
  3. Chosen 2008                                9. Destined 2011
  4. Untamed 2008                             10. Hidden  2012
  5. Hunted 2009                                11. Revealed 2013
  6. Tempted 2009                             12. Redeemed 2014
Novellas from HON: 

  1. Dragon's Oath 2011
  2. Lenobia's Vow 2012
  3. Neferet's Curse 2013
  4. Kalona's Fall 2014
             -This series is one that has been in my life since it came out. This is probably one of the first books I had picked up since high school, not including Harry Potter. I was instantly intrigued. I have only read until #9, but they are on my TBR pile, as for the Novellas I have read all but #4.

Goddess Summoning series:

  1. Goddess of the Sea 2003
  2. Goddess of Spring 2004
  3. Goddess of Light 2005
  4. Goddess of the Rose 2006
  5. Goddess of Love 2007
  6. Warrior Rising 2008
  7. Goddess of Legend 2010
  8. Goddess of Troy 2011
          - This series I have not had any luck finding. I have looked all over the city of Indianapolis and in the small country library I now go to and have not found anything all all. I have thought about ordering it, but am one of those try before you buy types.

Time Raider's series: 
 #3 The Avenger 2009

        -This is a group effort and she wrote novel 3. I have never read it!

Partholon series: 

  1. Divine by Mistake 2001
  2. Divine by Choice 2006
  3. Divine by Blood 2007
                 Novella: Divine Beginnings #0.5, 2009
                 Other: Elphame's Choice 2004
                           Brighid's Quest 2005

          - This one is graphic. It talks about rapes and pillage and much more. I actually have read them all and posted about not letting younger teens read these just because of the graphic nature of the writing. I do think they are somewhat great books, but believe that you should be careful who you let read. 

Accidental Magic 2012

Darkness Divine 2010

After Moonrise 2012

Mysteria Nights 2011

I have not read any of the last 4 posted on this. I wanted to but never got to it. Now that I have more free time I will find them and read!

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