Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I want to Thank all the fans for following, e-mailing and other techniques of getting in touch with me. I have such a great fan base and appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. 
This month alone I have gotten more and more input and contact with your guys and I love it.

Tis the Season to give thanks: I want to thanks the fans, God, and my family. 
My family encourages me to continue even when I feel no one likes it or wants to read anymore. They push me to continue to write my thoughts and read more. I have relieved many books from fans and from authors and I enjoy most of them. I do donate the duplicates to the local library which thanks you as well. 

I hope that this season you will think of those who have nothing and give to them. I am going to help hand out books to the unprivileged. Most people think that is a weird thing to pass out but with out they can not learn. I want kids to learn to love reading as much as I do. 

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