Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kiss of Death by: Rachel Caine

Publication Date: April 2010


A new chapter in the New York Times bestselling Morganville Vampires saga. Vampire musician Michael Glass has attracted the attention of a big- time producer who wants to cut a demo and play some gigs-which means Michael will have to enter the human world. For this, he's been assigned escorts that include both a dangerous immortal as well as Michael's all-too-human friends. And with that mix of personalities, this is going to be a road trip from hell...

My thoughts:More evil vamps....Is it possible. Of course when Claire is involved!
So on their way to Michael's recording session...score for Mike,in Dallas the gang get sidetracked...of course, by Oliver. They get stuck in a small town waiting for Oliver to finish with business and while waiting some small town hicks torch their car...yes, Eve's car...and someone tries to kills Oliver!
They get a new car and evil Morley and his gang show up and try to kill them. Morley ends up kidnapping Claire, Shane, and Eve. They drug Eve, and use other hostages as blood banks. Michael, Oliver, and Jason show up and chase Morley's gang they get on the bus and rescue Claire, but they couldn't get to Eve and Shane fast enough.
So they keep pursuing the bus and end up in an evil vamp town where everyone has been turned to vamp except a select few who are holed up in the library. While in the courthouse someone torches the car and the bus the two gangs show up in and they now have no transportation.
They escape to the humans where they make a plan to kill the evil vamp, only the gang decides to cure them. They start curing them and let them help cure the others. Jason comes to the rescue and they go to Dallas and Michael get his session and the girls shop....all is well that ends well.
Until Amelie calls......

My rating: 4 stars

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