Sunday, August 7, 2011

Unnatural by: Michael Griffo

Publication Date: March 2011

Overview: In this opener to the Archangel Academy series, playwright Griffo borrows many hallmarks of the vampire genre, but with a notable difference. Gay American teenager Michael escapes a life of bullying and abuse when his emotionally disintegrating mother commits suicide and his estranged father enrolls him at Archangel Academy, an all-boys English boarding school. There, he meets the enigmatic, sexy Ronan, and the two boys discover an immediate, mutual attraction. But their new found relationship is threatened by Michael's disapproving father; Ronan's malevolent ex-boyfriend, Nakamo; and the inscrutable machinations of the vampires who use Archangel Academy for their own ends. As Michael becomes a pawn between two different vampire clans, as represented by Ronan and Nakamo, he has to choose his destiny, if it's not chosen for him first. Unfortunately, this brooding romantic epic is strained by jarring shifts in point-of-view, implausible melodrama, and heavy-handed messages. What could have been a much-needed shot of diversity in the field comes off instead as overwrought and derivative.

My thoughts:I've never read a book on water this one was quite interesting. I still don't know the extent of there abilities, they do seem to control fog. Which would be great for Halloween....LOL!
There are so many attacks on people in this book it hard to tell who and been attacked and by whom. I found myself getting lost and confused by this going on in this book.
At times it left me wanting more of explanation about things especially more about the different kinds of vampires. I love that Michael gets to finally be free of his secret and it seems even his dad will be okay with him being gay. And I have to say that I'm very pleased to have read this book if only to realize what the gay community faces everyday. and I have to say sorry to a few friends from school because I never really realized what you faced, not only at home but out in society.

My rating: 2 stars

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