Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Hunter's Companion by: Lori Powell

Publication Date:
January 2014

Witches and hunters. Blood and magic. Heartache and lust. Will history repeat itself?
Lora Smith's life changes forever one day deep in the English fens. Caught up in the Witch trials of 1645, her life ends tragically early, yet her legacy lives on.
Regan White is a 21st century Brighton girl who loves to shop, party, and shop some more. Forced to relocate to her aunt's crumbling old house in the fenland of West Norfolk, away from everything she's ever known, Regan's life takes a mysterious twist.
A box of old diaries tell of strange happenings, striking a chord with Regan's own recent unnerving experience in the lingering fog of the fens and drawing her deeper into the mystery. Destiny is a big word but it seems that Regan's is irrevocably entwined in this bewitching landscape.
How do the diaries, her band of new friends, and the captivating American Nate Hunter, all tie together? Will Regan find the link before it is too late, or will she share Lora's fate? 

My thoughts:
In the beginning of this I was reading it at night with a flashlight, mistake! It was incredibly creepy one if those times when your sure someone is watching you or something! But it was also exciting and I couldn't stop I had to know more. The relationships that Regan has are extreme and yet normal. There is so much going on it really is fun to read, and you can't stop. 
The flashback are usually something that would irritate me about a book, just due to the interruption to story line and the boring things that occur in the flashback, but this one was different. It gives you the glaces that you need to understand more and more of this characters story and life.
Really well done.

My rating: 
4 stars

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