Monday, June 23, 2014

Breakable by: Tammara Webber

Publication Date: 
May 2014


As a child, Landon Lucas Maxfield believed his life was perfect and looked forward to a future filled with promise—until tragedy tore his family apart and made him doubt everything he ever believed.

All he wanted was to leave the past behind. When he met Jacqueline Wallace, his desire to be everything she needed came so easy…

As easy as it could be for a man who learned that the soul is breakable and that everything you hoped for could be ripped away in a heartbeat.

My thought:
Reading "Easy" was great and getting a guys thoughts and point of view in this books is amazing. But I hate when it is repetitive of things I read before...if it could simply say, that day in class when we first met" but instead it's the whole thing over but in his eyes even though it happened that same way in the girls point of view.
I love the flashback parts with Lucas, getting to know his life and how he has moved past it and become and better really is inspiring.
Lucas is so lovable.

My rating:
4 stars

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