Sunday, July 1, 2012

Taken by Storm by: Jenifer Lynn Barnes

Publication Date: April 2012

Overview: In the eye of a storm stands Bryn, the alpha of the Cedar Ridge werewolf pack. She is young. Female. Human. Physically weaker than any werewolf, she could never survive a battle with another alpha, the strongest, fiercest, and canniest of his pack.  
 Yet she cannot refuse a summons from the werewolf Senate. A rogue werewolf is attacking humans. The risk of exposure threatens to destroy pack life, and the center of the crisis is Cedar Ridge territory—her own lands.
 Bryn has no choice but to attend the meeting, a gathering of the most powerful werewolves on the continent.  The subject is the rogue wolf, but Bryn knows the other packs want what she has. Her territory. Her females. Her pack.
 They want her death.
 Werewolf law prevents the other alphas from making a direct attack. It also prevents her former alpha, the mysterious and powerful Callum, from coming to her aid. But it doesn’t prevent Bryn from knowing what she wants. To keep her lands. To protect her pack. 

My thoughts: Bryn is dealing with the loss of Maddie, although she's not dead, who left to deal with the loss of Lucas. The whole thing could have been avoided I think but overall I guess something was bound to happen this way. 
Bryn then goes to a meeting of the Senate and finds out that there is a rogue wolf terrorizing it's way around. She believe it to be Maddie and fears for her friend.
She and some of her pack set out to find Maddie and Save her...Along they way Bryn realizes that Maddie is pregnant and she's scared. They also find out Maddie isn't killing, it's a ghost. And that is trippy...LOL! 
In the end Shay gets the baby and so Maddie chooses to go with him. Bryn figures out a plan, one that causes Shay to die and her to lose her best friend. 

My rating: 5 stars

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