Monday, July 2, 2012

Girls that Growl by: Mari Mancusi

Publication Date: October 2007

OverviewThird in Mancusi's hip, sassy vampire series, featuring the heroine of Stake That!
She's a vampire. She's also a vampire slayer. (It's a long story.) And now Rayne McDonald, Goth girl, has to carry out her most deviant mission yet: trying out for the cheerleading squad.
Rayne already has enough on her plate: her twin keeps whining about whether or not to go all the way; her mom's boyfriend is moving in; and her man, Jareth, who's now allowed out in the sun, has turned from a dark, brooding hottie vamp into a surfer dude.
But this vampire slayer is still on the clock, and she has a new assignment. A member of the football team has disappeared-and her bosses at Slayer Inc. think the cheerleaders had something to do with it. Now they want her to infiltrate the squad and get the dirt. But first, she'll need an extreme prep makeover. If only they'd let her wear fishnets under that revolting uniform.

My thoughts:
I am addicted to this series. I got them from the library and I can't stop.....pick them up......really!!!
Rayne is having a rough time being a vampire. Being a blood mate should be easy, but it's not. But when you are dealing with your mom dating a new guy and your sister dating the king vampire, and her possible sex life, plus school. Things can kind build up. I don't blame Rayne for having problems, but this girl needs to get a handle on it. 
Cheerleaders are turning into werewolves and Ryane needs to figure out how to stop it and find the missing boys, but did they girls eat them? Ewe!
No wonder everything is so rough for Rayne and she crashes her car and get kidnapped by an evil werewolf. 
So glad she has Jareth to come to the rescue.

My rating: 5 stars
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