Saturday, May 28, 2011

Evercrossed by: Elizabeth Chandler

Publication Date: March 2011

Synopsis: It’s been a year since Ivy’s boyfriend, Tristan, died. They’ve both moved on—Tristan to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy to sweet, dependable Will. Now Ivy’s heading to Cape Cod, hoping to leave the horror of last summer behind. She wants nothing more than to lie on the beach, sip lemonade, and hang out with her friends.

But then a car crash ends Ivy’s life.
As she floats to the beyond, looking down on the life she’s left behind, Tristan breathes life back into her with a passionate kiss. She wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by Will and her family, but all she can think about is the love that she lost.
But memories aren’t all that’s come back from the past. And this time, Ivy’s not sure love will be enough to save her.

My Thoughts: OMG!!!! So long since I had first read Kissed By An Angel. I can't believe the way that this book begins...I feel like it's left out a little information.
I love Will truly! And I know if Ivy could let go of Tristian.....she could be really happy with Will. He has been there for her in many different ways. I know she can love's not a question of can it's really the question of when.
Finding Luke.....I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing...really. Beth and wIll seem to realize there is something wrong with him and you know your best friends are honest...sometimes to honest. He seems dangerous to me and I know that everyone around her sees the in Luke. And some of them could be jealous that they are spending to much time together...I myself am a little worried about what may happen.
I want them to find peace about Tristian. I don't know if you can ever really heal from losing someone you love at such a young age but really they need counseling. And tristian being inside Luke is crazy...I'd more believe he was inside Beth than anything else.
I think that Luke is a murderer and that Gregory is inside of him playing games with everyone...which is really scary if you think about all he did before.
I am waiting for more to come I hope it's soon.

My rating: 4 stars

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