Friday, January 7, 2011

Divine by Choice by; P.C. Cast

Publication Date: Aug. 1 2009

Synopsis:Shannon Parker has finally come to terms with life in the mythical world of Partholon. She loves her centaur husband, her connection to the goddess Epona and the pampering that comes with both! She's almost forgotten her old life on Earth—especially when she discovers she's pregnant….

Then a sudden burst of power sends her back to Oklahoma. Without magic, Shannon can't return to Partholon—and so she needs to find help. Trouble is, it might take the form of a man as tempting as her husband. And along the way she'll discover that being divine by mistake is a lot easier than being divine by choice….

My thoughts: I have to say that after the first book I didn't really hold much hope for the next. But decided that since it was given to me I'd better give it a try.
Much like the first book, this one was graphic about sexual abuse and abortion.
Unlike, the first book it had a stronger story line and held my attention better.
Shannon (Rhea) is pregnant and after a celebration in Parthon is somehow pulled back to the real world, by Carter who is a look alike for Rhea's husband in Parthon.
With his help and an update on Rhiannon's where about and wrong doings, they set out to find her and make her see that she has to stop bring the evil While back in the real world Shannon's friend Suzanna get killed by Nauda , who back. And he also injures Shannon's father.
Shannon allows herself to fall in love with Clint, which lets face it since he's a lot like her husband its not hard to do. They become lovers (which I don't like).
They defeat Nuada (thank God) and Clint sacrifices himself to send Rhea back where she belongs, in Parthon.
I am happy that Shannon made it back to Parthon and hope that we have seen the lat of the 2 evils......yeah right!!!

My rating: 3 stars

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