Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Forever by: Kira Adams

Publication Date:
May 2014


Grief and loss can make a person act out in all the worst kinds of ways. Madalynne Johnson has always been a bit of a handful, but with the loss of her brother, separation of her parents, and her boyfriends unexpected news of joining the army she has gone into a full on tailspin. 

Parker Grant experienced loss firsthand when his brother took his own life. Darkness closed in. Madalynne saved him; showed him the light. And even though he isn’t sure what the future holds--he wants Madalynne and this time he won’t give up without a fight.

My thoughts:
I really thought this would be another book that I just couldn't handle. At the beginning it goes smoothly but then there are fast forwards and things that I didn't like. Then thinking and hoping things would go better, it goes into a repeat of things. Her brother's death and the depression and anger. I know things like that are normal in grief. I have dealt first hand with someone who goes through that, and it is nice to see the truth of things coming out. That makes things a plau and I loved that part of it!
More things come into light and play as the book  goes on, things that could be helped but are thrown in seemingly as a surprise. I hate the way things happen off and on through out the book. But dealing with grief is never easy.

My rating:
3 stars

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