Monday, October 21, 2013

Anatomy of the Boyfriend by: Daria Snadowsky

Publication Date: September 2008

Overview: An unflinching account of love, sex, and heartbreak—this generation's answer to Judy Blume's Forever.

My thoughts: I got this title through the author as a request. I was intrigued and astonished at her willingness to give me both title to read and review. I found this book to be a bit beyond what I believe and young teen should read. It's like 50 Shades of Grey meets Judy Blume. Some graphic and yet knowledgeable info for teens who are unsure how to go about sexual activities. We get a walk through account of how Dominique loses her virginity and falls in love. The awkward encounters of first timers and heartbreak as a relationship has it's highs and lows. I would give this to an older teen 16 and up, unless you allow your child more worldly experiences. I think this author is brilliant in her informative writing and emotionally grabbing moments. 

My rating: 5 stars

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