Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vampire Kisses by: Ellen Schreiber

Publication Date: August 2003

Overview: In her small town, dubbed "Dullsville," sixteen-year-old Raven -- a vampire-crazed goth-girl -- is an outcast. But not for long...
The intriguing and rumored-to-be haunted mansion on top of Benson Hill has stood vacant and boarded-up for years. That is, until its mysteriously strange new occupants move in. Who are these creepy people -- especially the handsome, dark, and elusive Alexander Sterling? Or rather, what are they? Could the town prattle actually ring true? Are they vampires? Raven, who secretly covets a vampire kiss, both at the risk of her own mortality and Alexander's loving trust, is dying to uncover the truth.
Ellen Schreiber's spooky and stirring romance tells the story of two outsiders who fall in love in a town where conformity reigns, and ends with a shocking surprise.
Sixteen-year-old Raven, an outcast who always wears black and hopes to become a vampire some day, falls in love with the mysterious new boy in town, eager to find out if he can make her dreams come true.

My thoughts:In this books we find Raven, a goth girl, in love with vampires. But when she finds one will see believe it, be frightened, or fall in love. I know the answer to this question. My question to you is how would you feel? I think I would be a non believer. just due to the fact that we always hope certain things could be true, but our deepest desires are false. Not saying that I would never be one to want to be a vampire like her. Sure Stephanie Meyer makes them sound fabulous, but Anne Rice created monsters. And I would want no part of that. As much as I love to read and write about them. NON-BELIEVER!
Raven has a lot more to deal with other then her fascination with vampires. Trevor the cocky idiot she goes to school with. causing trouble at every turn.

My Rating: 3 stars
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