Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kissing Coffins by: Ellen Schreiber

Publication Date: July 2005

Overview: The sequel to Ellen Schreiber's popular Vampire Kisses follows goth teenager Raven as she searches for her true love Alexander, whom she's discovered is a vampire.

My thoughts: After a fearful letter from Alexander's family, he hightails it away from Dullsville. leaving a sad and lonely Raven behind. But as we know Raven she won't take that lying down. She snoops to find what has driven him away. Finds the letter then sets about looking for her new man.
Now I would be to heartbroken to do anything, so seeing this girl have enough strength to get up and go after him, says she will do what ever it takes to keep him. 
When Raven finds her man she realizes that there is a whole new can of worms that has been opened, in the form of a vampire named Jagger.
We learn about his twin Luna too.

My rating: 3 stars
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