Friday, October 7, 2011

Wake by:Lisa McMann

Publication Date: December 2008
About the Book:
When Janie is eight years old, it happens for the first time: While traveling with her mother, she suddenly blacks out and is plunged into a strange office setting where a balding man is in his ratty underwear, being ridiculed by his coworkers. Janie has somehow been catapulted into the dream of the sleeping man in the seat in front of her. Unable to control her entry into his dream, Janie also has no idea how to speak or help once inside. This scary scene repeats itself over the years. Janie learns to avoid sleepovers, as she finds herself inside the dreams of the other girls, learning things about them that she may have preferred not to know. Then, when she's in high school, the worst situation presents itself: study hall in the library right after lunch. Janie is sucked into the dreams of her classmates — some simple and innocent, some frightening, and one featuring herself and the dreamer engaged in a kiss! Janie's gift (or curse) is usually a burden, but now it's more confusing than ever as she gets closer to Cabel, whose dreams include a scary past along with passionate kisses.

My thoughts: Janie who seems to fall asleep at the drop of a hat...travels through dreams, bad and good. She tries to help others in their dream over come fears or escape tragedies.
When she's in the dreams she has no control over her body. And when others see her like this they freak out and think she is weird, she is sort of. You got to admit anyone who falls asleep so much has to be weird or have something wrong. It's also dangerous for her to be out and about in public doing these things.
She has known Cabel forever but he was just some punk who she had no feelings for, until this year. when he has changed and she has changed too. Now he is undercover for the police to make a living and they have to pretend that they don't get along or hang out, but truth is there is love building there.

My rating: 4 stars

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