Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beautiful Darkness By: Kami Garcia + more

Publication Date: October 12, 2010


Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena's family of powerful Supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen.
Sometimes life-ending.
Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan's eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there's no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town's tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems.

My thoughts: Summer has arrived for Ethan and his friends (wish it was here)'s snowing where I'm sitting this morning.
They travel through space and time, actually the travel to different locations using the tunnels.
Link and Ethan try to save Lena from herself and John breed but, she really can't be bother by them. Which if I was Ethan I would of probably acted more hurt about it than he did.
Ridley, becomes human. Which I think is a fitting payback for all the mean things she has done to this group. And I really don't think that she would have turned good, even though Lena said she was trying to.
Macon is alive, which all I ca say is Thank God, Because I think he's the only one who could help save Lena. Only because she thought she had killed him, in order to save Ethan. He was trapped in a archlight that belonged to Ethan's mother, who was Macon's on true love. And the archlight helped guide Ethan to Lena, which is awesome.
Abraham is alive and is working with Hunting and Sarafine, who are causing the chaos with Lena and John.
Lena finally claims herself, not a side (Dark or Light). And when she does decided it changes her eyes to 1 gold and 1 green. Which can I say wold be cool to see and now is a little evil and a little good. Which is a healthy combo.
Link was bit by John Breed so it leaves us wondering what will become of him.

My rating: 4 stars

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