Monday, April 23, 2012

Haven by: Kristi Cook

Publication Date: January 2012

Overview: A breathtaking paranormal romance about boarding school students with special powers is now in paperback.Violet McKenna thought she was crazy when she had a vivid vision of her dad’s murder—but when her premonition came true, her life fell apart. Then she found a new school. At Winterhaven, Violet fits right in. All the students have special “gifts” like her own, and she quickly finds a close group of friends. But Violet’s attraction to an alluring boy becomes problematic when intense visions of his death start to haunt her. In her premonitions, the secret he is unwilling to share begins to reveal itself—and the unbelievable becomes reality. To Violet’s horror, she learns that their destinies are intertwined in a critical—and deadly—way.

My thoughts: This book surprised me. I took a chance and decided to not ready anything about this book, I just picked it up at the library and said if it sucks then I didn't waste money only my time. 
But it was good. 
Violet is stuck with her step - mom after both of her parents die. She then gets sent to a boarding school and I know you think to be her. But really this is the best thing for her and I think she would agree.
Luckily for her she hand picked the school she was to attend. This school drew her in. And the reason being it's a school for kids with special talents.
There is everything from werewolves, seers, and vampires. I would have picked this school too. Man do I wish I were a freak!

My rating: 5 stars

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