Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Moon by: C.L. Bevill

Publication Date: October 2010

Overview: Donovan is a were-jaguar sworn to fight against his enemies, the dreaded werewolf clan - the Whitelaws. Isabella is an uncommon librarian, a member of the Committee. When she faces down the Whitelaws to retrieve a very dangerous book, she encounters Donovan and their lives will never be the same. This is a novella. 

My thoughts: Isabella is a human and she is out to find an evil book. this book is a book that will be the end of all mankind. She is out to destroy it. She has to save this book from the werewolves. She is running for her life and is found and saved by Donovan, who is a were-jaguar. The problem is she is injured and the only way to save her is to change her. 
Together they face down the angry werewolves and save the day....but what is this book.

My rating: 3 stars

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