Monday, February 21, 2011

Ghost Town by: Rachel Caine

Publication Date: October 2010

VOYA: Claire repairs the town's security measures after she is sentenced by the Founder to do so without rest. Morganville is a unique place where humans and vampires reside. Those leaving the town are supposed to have their memory erased. Instead, residents are having their memories erased by the computer. Some people, like Myrnin, are affected immediately—Myrnin still thinks he kills humans and other vampires. Claire and her roommates must break into Myrnin's lab to shut down the computer before the whole town suffers amnesia or, worse, death. The Founders are fighting over how to handle the humans, Claire's parents have to leave town, and Claire's boyfriend is told his father is a registered vampire. In the midst of all that drama, those with their memory must remind their unwitting friends of the truth. It can be heartbreaking, especially for those like Shane, who lost his sister in a fire, or Michael, who was turned into a vampire. But it can also make bonds stronger. The Morganville Vampires series is distinguished from other vampire novels by its steampunk feel. Caine mixes fantasy, science fiction, romance, and suspense—a combination that packs a punch. Enough background is given to understand the story without reading the other books in the series, although teens might be motivated to start at the beginning. Reviewer: Lori Guenthner

My thoughts: This series always has me either: laughing, on the verge of tears, or at the edge of my seat......
If you've never read any of the books in this series..I suggest you go rent on from the library or something.
This business of Claire having to fix the town's machine that secures the borders is ridiculous...Really, just because her and Shane went to rescue Eve and her friends, from a party gone wrong. And come across a bad vampire and Claire ends up killing her, to protect herself from the EVIL COW...doesn't mean she should have to give up her live and work on the machine 24/7.
The once the machine is fixed everyone in town starts losing 3 years of there lives and can't remember how they've ended up where they are and then some of them are killing each other......can you say CRAZY!!!!!
Oliver takes over the town...oh no! Although only for a little while because Amelie loses her memories and attacks Oliver and gets her power back. Only to in the end split the responsibilities with Oliver.
Claire and the gang, with the help of Frank Collins and his posse, stop the crazy Myrnin and save the town. In the process though Frank gets killed and ends up having his brain in the machine to help with the borders...yay! The town is safe and peace is in the air in Morganville once again...Or at least until the next book. LOL!!!!

My rating: 4 stars


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  2. I must have been watching too many horror films lately ... imagining someone's "brain in the machine" just made me think of gore and fleshly splatter. This sounds like a wonderful series. I'm really glad you suggested it ... if I can get through my huge slush pile of books TBR ... I'll add this series.

    BTW: Found you on Book Blogs. I'm now following.

  3. I really enjoyed the Morganville series.

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